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Alizeh Shah – Biography, Height & Life Story

Alizeh Shah is a Pakistani actress. She started her career by playing the role of Palwasha in the television series Ishq Tamasha. She was awarded the 2018 Hum Award for Best Television Sensation based on that performance. The following year, Shah played the role of Dua in Ehd-e-Wafa alongside Nadia Khan, which marked her first leading role. Her next project as of 2019 is Hoor Pari which is airing on Hum TV. In July 2019, it was announced that Shah would play leading roles in three projects being produced under Filmwala Pictures; Mera Dil Mera Dushman , and Yasir Nawaz’s next directorial, Taana Baana . She has also collaborated with writers Bilal Ikram and Hadia Dajee, joining them as a cast member for their upcoming sitcom titled “Tere Jaisa Pyaar Milad Lamhe.”

Alizeh Shah Age

She is a confident and focused nineteen-year-old who loves sunshine and believes in being brave. Her birthday is June 9, and she has expressive eyes. People love her because she always puts on a good show – which includes making sure the acting classes she teaches are full. She makes sure everyone feels comfortable with what they’re getting themselves into before they start entering the acting world because it can be challenging if you don’t know how to handle criticism! From all of us at Whose Name Is It Written, we wish you the best!

Alizeh Shah Husband

He is not married yet because he is too young for marriage. He also wants to make a career right now. At the moment, he has been busy making his new movie, ‘Lamha Lamha.’ He will be sharing the screen with a beautiful actress, Rabab Hashim. It will be exciting to see how their chemistry works out on screen there! He is presently close to another co-actor, Noaman Sami, whom he has worked before in two movies; Lamha Lamha and Baghdad Cafe.

Alizeh Shah Tik Tok

Her Tik Tok videos allow actors to do more than perform their craft; they also get a chance to put on a persona and present the fun side of their lives for others to see. The actress works hard at keeping her acting talent preserved, often having long days running into nights and even overnight shoots, so when she gets the chance to make positive and happy memories to post online, she doesn’t let it pass by!

Alizeh Shah Dresses

She dresses in an exquisite yet down-to-earth manner. One way to be comfortable and look and feel good is by having a set of everyday clothes and then something more festive or formal for special occasions. Here’s some inspiration for you to summon your inner goddess in both style and class by checking out how gorgeous she looks when she dresses up with her quirky signature dreadlocks always on point!

Alizeh Shah Style Preferences

Odi’s style is casual most of the time. She likes to post pictures on social media wearing more Western dresses than anything else. Even though she’s a teenager, her clothing tastes are made up

life of primarily t-shirts and jeans.

Alizeh Shah Personal Preference.

Alizeh Shah is a rising fashion star that doesn’t just wear traditional clothing. She has a model figure, and it doesn’t fail to stop traffic in the most fashionable and attractive type of way. People should learn lessons from her actions so they could apply them to their own lives without discrimination towards themselves on a daily basis.

In 2018, she did one “bridal” picture shoot, which was interpreted by some fans as a wedding announcement. However, Kate doesn’t mind the controversy. She just wants to live her life in peace.

Alizeh Shah Family

She has not shared much about her family thus far in her career, but we were able to catch a glimpse of her mother during one of her photoshoots- with the picture being adorable! This is just another example of how what many may perceive as a perk for only some (of new actresses’ mothers) is actually something that’s likely very common.

Life and career

                              Alizeh Shah is an upcoming film star and singer. She was born on June 9, 2000 in Lahore, Pakistan. This amazing young lady is a wonderful actress and sings songs for Bollywood movies. In fact, she has already sung a hit song for Rannvijay Singh’s 2020 movie Mission China 2.7: Spy Chronicles – Le Dernier Combat. She also authored an exciting book about how she rose to fame so quickly in such a short period of time titled How I Became Famous In My 20s (2019).

Alizeh Shah Drama List

· Choti Si Zindagi (2016)

· Daldal (2018)

· Tere Naal Luv Hogaya (2018)

· Ishq Tamasha (2018)

· Dil Mom Ka Diya (2018)

· Tum Mujrim Ho (2018)

· Bisaat e Dil (2018)

· Baandi (2018)

· Hoor Pari (2019)

· Jo Tu Chahay (2019)

· Ehd-e-Wafa (2019)

· Mera Dil Mera Dushman (2020)


In May 2021, Alizeh took a brave step in her career by striking out with her first single, Badnamiyan. The young singer-songwriter also got involved in the creative process and conceptualized the song’s music video alongside director Pankaj Batra and co-star Sahir Ali Bagga. While she received massive appreciation for being an independent woman able to take control of her own career and aspirations from fans across the country, some others criticized the starlet for daring to wear a tank top when she had previously worn longer dresses on stage. In July 2021, Alizeh was lauded again for wearing a lehenga choli at the Hum Style Awards, which accentuated her figure delicately while keeping it in line with traditions and customs.

Leaked Images and Video 

One of Alizeh’s most controversial moments was when a private *** tape she made with her ex-boyfriend during her early acting career was leaked online and went viral on various social media platforms, receiving thousands of hits in the process. The contents of this video were so scandalous that they led to many people calling for strict legal action to be taken against both Alizeh and her ex-boyfriend.



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