Saturday, December 3, 2022
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AIOU, Turkish varsity to work on exchange programmes

Islamabad: Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) and Anadolu University, Turkey, signed an agreement to collaborate in exchange programs for students, faculty, and administrative staff, ensuring mutual benefits to one another in the academic fields of their respective expertise in an announcement in the press announcement.
The memorandum of agreement (MoU) was made on the 2nd executive board meeting of COMSTECH Inter Islamic Networks of Virtual/Open Universities, held at Anadolu University, Turkey.
Professor. Dr. Faut Erdal, Rector Anadolu University, Dr. Faut Erdal, Rector of Anadolu University, and Prof. Dr. Zia Ul-Qayyum, Vice-Chancellor, AIOU, signed the MoU. During the signing ceremony, Dr. Faut expressed his gratitude to Prof. Zia. He hoped that collaboration between the two universities would help improve the quality of education in these countries.
He believed that the key to economic and social growth in most Islamic nations was to bring the quality of education to the developed world. It was imperative at this moment to ensure that the higher education institutions from the Islamic world were developed to enhance academic connections with each other and benefit from their experiences and knowledge, he said.
He also spoke about the latest developments at AIOU, such as the complete digitization of the AIOU system. Professor. Faut showed keen interest in AIOU digitization and demanded assistance in the digitalization process of Anadolu University. Dr. Zahid, Director, International Collaboration and Exchange, AIOU, and Dr.
Kagan, Director of International Affairs at Anadolu University, shared the university’s profile, strengths, and potential areas of collaboration. Professor. Faut agreed that AIOU and Anadolu would collaborate on jointly-designed degree programs and exchange staff, faculty, and students.
Both universities will offer short-term courses for employees of the other. Also, it was suggested that the two universities create joint degree programs that cater to international students from Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. Professor. Faut thanked Prof. Zia for his visit to his university in signing the MoU.
Professor. Zia acknowledged the administrative and leadership role required to run the this Mega University of the World. He also asked him to come to AIOU to explore the abilities, possibilities, and areas of collaboration. The two institutions are expected to begin exchanging administrative and faculty programs.
Dr. Zahid, Director IC&E, AIOU, and Dr. Kagan, Director IA, Anadolu, were appointed as the focal people for follow-up and additional discussions.



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