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PPSC to undergo complete systematic overhaul

Lahore: The Punjab Public Service Commission, an official government agency responsible for hiring and coordinating the local civil services and management services for Punjab, has decided to undergo a total departmental overhaul.

The change follows the release of various exam papers in the Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) to facilitate hiring personnel and officers within government departments. According to reports, the comprehensive reforms are designed to restore the reputation of the PPSC in the province and allow appropriate examinations to be conducted in fair and impartial circumstances.

To accomplish this, it was determined that interviews would take place at the closest center using an online platform, while devices for jamming networks are to be put in place at the examination centers, and a separate exam board will be established. “This will prevent examination papers from being leaked in the future,” the source added.

According to the information provided from The Express Tribune, two additional regional offices are currently being constructed at the new district headquarters for the PPSC in Gujranwala and Sahiwal. It will ensure that applicants from the cities in these divisions will appear for the test at this Regional Office itself.

Then, Multan, Bahawalpur, Faisalabad, DG Khan, and Rawalpindi Regional Offices were set up in Sargodha. The Punjab Public Service Commission currently implements central management and the controlling system. After that, all examinations will be controlled, while the interview process online will also be periodically examined.

In addition, a unique data bank is currently being put in the institute, where all bio-data, and other details of all applicants, will be stored and a security system that can be offered to the staff and members of the Commission who conduct the tests.

Furthermore, the agency’s officials and staff have to work all week long to keep track of any not completed commissions that could not be completed for more than 107 days during the outbreak.

The current total of PPSC members, including the chairperson, is 21. Out of that, 16 members are employed, while six positions were vacant for a long time. This means that the process of recruiting in different departments is slowing.

Six more employees of the Punjab Public Service Commission are scheduled to retire in the coming months, and after that, the number of members on the Commission will further be reduced. This means that examinations and interview schedules within the Commission, which are already hindered due to a staff shortage, could be affected. In this context, it was determined to appoint members for vacant positions promptly, and the government sent a letter to the government.

In a statement, Punjab Public Service Commission Secretary Nawaz Khalid Arabi said that the performance of the PPSC is superior to other provinces. The official further stated that even though the organization was established in 1937 has been through regular reforms, they are currently in the process of introducing a system that offers an unbeatable examination system which will be possible by a complete overhaul of the department.

Per Arabi, the PPSC is taking several revolutionary steps to modernize its procedures, including surveillance of its performance using a standing order. “We can fill any government post within six months after an interview, test and then a final decision, and even the possibility of relocation. While for the Federal Public Service Commission takes between one and two-and-a-half to complete this process.” the president said to The Express Tribune.



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