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Former Miss Pakistan World hopeful for beauty pageants between India, Pakistan


Model Areej Chaudhry believes that our presence on the international stage of beauty competitions is virtually not even there. Therefore, we should be focused on organising beauty contests among Pakistan and India to ensure the models of both nations could profit from the publicity which it would provide.

After being named Miss Pakistan World, Areej also represented Pakistan for Miss Earth – the third largest beauty pageant in world – has announced that her next stop is Miss Eco International. Miss Eco International competition, that will be held at Egypt during March. Areej has said that she does not have plans to get married anytime soon and will marry after she has found her perfect.

In a chat to the Express Tribune, she said “There there is no doubt in the fact that Pakistan is a beautiful country , but due to some unavoidable causes our participation in beauty contests around the world is nearly absent. Our models are as proficient as Indian models, however Indian talent is supported from sponsors and the its government.” She also said, “Pakistan and India can host beauty contests on an international level, as well. However, such contests must be conducted on a level playing field.”

When she spoke about her experiences in the fashion world, Areej claimed that models are taught to live their lives in peace and harmony with other. “The best way to develop yourself is to work on your own and let others advance. I believe that every model should be on the same level of play.”

Regarding the honor of representing Pakistan at Miss Earth, which hosted models from 92 countries across the globe which included China as well as America, USA, Areej commented, “It was an honor to be part of this grand event.” Thanking the contestants who participants who have been able to make it to the top 20 in the contest, she announced she’s now planning to go to Egypt to take part in this year’s Eco International competitions. Eco International will host models from a variety of countries which include Belgium, Albania, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, India, Finland, among other countries.

In order to win winning the Miss Pakistan contest, Areej stated that you must not just have a solid control of their walking but also be able and able to communicate. “Aside of slaying it on the stage and during photoshoots You also have to improve your communication skills and be aware of the current events. In addition, you should be prepared of models from all over the world to have respect for different cultures and to be involved in charitable activities,” she explained.

In a detailed explanation of her vision, Areej stated that her main aim is to create an appealing and positive picture that is positive and positive of Pakistan across the globe. “The the entire world understands that there’s a lot beautiful people in Pakistan. Beauty contests aren’t just about aesthetics, they also consider your social skills and intelligence as well as physical beauty. In the contests the social life of your country is monitored,” shared the model who is currently advocating for animal rights and has been a frequent supporter of charity efforts to help children who suffer from Thalassemia.

After being crowned Miss Pakistan, Areej also entered the world of showbiz . She has been featured in up to five TV shows. Also, she has been invited to appear in the film which features prominent names like Ayesha Omar. The film is an action-thriller that is set in Pakistan as well as India.

Speaking about her personal experience, Areej said that she believes that getting married is an issue of luck. “So so far, no one has been able for me to be a prospective husband. I’ll get married if you meet someone that has. According to me, the husband should be there for you in both your good and bad moments. He should be there for you and recognize your accomplishments at the international and national level with a warm heart,” she asserted.

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