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Study reveals that people look more attractive with face masks

When Covid-19 came to the market two years ago, face masks were an important change to our appearances with fashion designers eager to adapt the concept as an accessory. According to research conducted by Cardiff University, people look better in masks that protect their faces. Dr. Michael Lewis, a reader at the department of psychology and an expert on facial features and faces, was shocked to discover the fact that “men and women were more attractive when they covered their face, obscuring parts of their lower face.”

According to in the Guardian The Guardian, the study was done to determine if the negative perception of surgical masks as a sign of illnesses and diseases changed after all over the world used masks as protective gear. “We wanted to determine if this (masks that were deemed ugly and signalling illnesses] changed after the advent of facial coverings, and to determine if the kind of mask had an effect,” said Lewis.

A shock to the fashion industry Also, it was discovered that a medical disposable mask was thought by the judges to be most attractive of all the kinds examined. “This could be due to the fact that we’ve grown used to health professionals wearing blue masks. Now we think of them as people working in medical or care jobs. When we are feeling vulnerable, we might find wearing medical masks to be reassuring, and thus we feel more comfortable with the person wearing it,” Lewis added.

The initial phase of research involved a group of males without masks and wearing a plain cloth mask as well as a blue medical face mask and holding a plain black book that covered the face mask’s area could cover, to be evaluated on the scale of a 10 by a select group of women. The second experiment switched between females and males, giving males the opportunity to evaluate women. According to Lewis the results were largely similar for both.

“The pandemic has altered our mental outlook on how we view those wearing masks. When we encounter people wearing masks, we don’t think that person is sick that I must be careful’, according to Lewis.



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